Created and inspired by my own personal passion to ice fish, to bring safety amongst the ice fishing community and anyone who wants to venture out onto the ice.

I wanted to create a website that would house a list of fishable Minnesota lakes where users can input how much ice there is on them. Once users input data for a specific lake it will tell you how much ice is on the lake based on the last input. This is a user based website so we will face challenges in trusting the data. The end goal is to provide a one stop website which will contain ice thickness data for a particular lake and then you can prepare accordingly for foot travel or vehicle travel.

Thanks for stopping by! Let's make this a great resource for all MN Ice Anglers!

READ THIS FIRST BEFORE ENTERING IN ICE DATA! Search for the lake you'd like to view ice details on, or to record a measurement. Enter in the text to verify that you are human, then input location of lake entry (N, W, S, E) and the ice thickness in inches.

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